Fight the Battle of Covid-19 with Face Masks and Physical Distancing

Every time you venture out from your house, there is a high risk of getting exposed to corona virus all the time as its numbers are rising rapidly and the world is in a state of panic. You have been constantly reminded by WHO, CDC, government officials, and even the kids at your home to wear a mask at all times.

Masks are a key player in our fight against this deadly battle apart from following the protocols of social distancing and frequent hand washing.

KN95 face masks from Custom Earth Promos give you 5 layers of protection and are comfortable at the same time. The specially designed masks are the focus of production as they are needed by the masses during this time of the pandemic.

What type of masks you should wear in public?

Mask is a protective barrier that protects you from dust, bacterial, and viral particulates. While homemade cloth masks are enough to prevent you from spreading the virus if you are venturing out in public, especially in less crowded places; you must consider upgrading your mask in the following scenarios:

  • If you are coming in close contact with a suspected carrier of the virus in for more than 15 minutes.
  • If you are a provider for a person who has been home quarantined after their covid-19 positive results.
  • If you are a health care worker.
  • If you are visiting a crowded place where there can be lot of carriers for the virus in close proximity.
  • If you live in an area where there is high rate of community transmission.

Facts about cloth masks

  • Cloth masks are meant to prevent the spread of the virus if you are infected and pass the virus to others.
  • They do not protect you from catching the infection from the environment as they are not respirators and does not filter out micro-particles.
  • They might give you a false sense that you are protected.
  • Post removal of a cloth mask, if you touch your face without washing your hands with soap and water your risk for catching the illness is equally high as it is without the mask.
  • You need to wash the cloth mask with bleach or detergents containing bleach after every use.
  • A loose fitting piece of cloth will not serve as a mask.
  • The cloth mask should be made with multiple layers while keeping it breathable and should snugly fit your nose, chin, and sides of the face.
  • Discard any mask that has lost its shape or quality after multiple washing and drying cycles.
  • You can use HEPA filter available in common vacuum cleaner bags as layers in between the cloths to provide extra viral filtration property to your home made mask.

Wear your masks at all times when you venture out of your home. Do not stock on hospital grade or N95 masks as the hospital staff and other workers on the forefront are in much dire need of them. Stay safe and protected.