Important Places To Visit In Shimla-Manali

Shimla and Manali are regarded to be two of the most important small hill towns that are a must visit by every person, who wants to be amongst natural beauty. This region is filled with lush greenery and mountain clad. The people here are very simple, cooperative and friendly, ready to help the tourists to enjoy their stay here. This region, when properly toured is sure to last in the memories for a long time. It is indeed a fabulous place for honeymoon couples to be.

The Shimla Manali tour package does offer the tourists with variety of exciting deals and offers. Some of the important spots that can be visited here during the trip are as follows:

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  • Vashishth Temple: Being located in the village of Vashishth, this temple has been believed to have been constructed spanning back 4 millenniums. Visiting this ancient place is indeed awesome and a lifetime experience. But the place is not accessible easily even in today’s technological times, the reason why it is well preserved. The Beas River adorns the region and a legend is said to be present behind its creation. After Vashishth’s children had been killed by Vishwamitra, the sage had contemplated to suicide by drowning into this river. However, the river did not permit the sage to use it for killing himself. Therefore, it became known as ‘Vipasha’, meaning ‘Freedom from all eternal bondage’. But, with time, its name began to change and got its present name. It is with new perspective that the sage had restarted his life. He began meditating, to reach greater heights of excellence. He is now revered as one of the most important divine Indian sages. Stepping into the temple can help transfer spiritual souls into another world. The visitor is sure to be impressed with the wonderful intricate wood carvings.
  • Summer Hill: It is a wonderful place to be. Mahatma Gandhi is known to have chosen this place as his residence when making visits to Shimla. The awesome residences are likely to heighten up the pleasure and offer the tourists with immense pleasure. Amrita Shergil, the well-known painter resided here. It boasts of nature and any skilled artisan is sure to find his creativity here.
  • Solang Valley: It is regarded to be a side valley, which is studded on Kullu Valley’s top and can be found like that of Jewell studded crown. It is a world famous and beautiful place known for its natural scenery and beauty. Those looking for that adrenaline rush can find it in plenty here. It is a haven for sports enthusiasts as they can indulge in various sporting activities such as skating, paragliding, parachuting and zorbing.
  • Shimla and Manali are fabulous places to be for the tourists and getting the right Shimla Manali tour plan can help the person to explore the region thoroughly. Also, there are available hotels in all ranges to cater to the different needs and requirements of the tourists.