Nboljor For Quality and Eco-friendly Fuel Oil

Nordins / Bergslagsoljer supplies fuel to variety for sectors in Sweden like agriculture, construction, industry, boat-making, workshops, haulage, forestry, ships, gas stations, marine, etc. Their tanker trucks deliver drivmedel [fuel], at the customer’s doorstep around the clock.

Origin & Merger

NB Oils is still in its early phase but has a history in this sector. In 1957, the company called Nordins got established in Sala. In 1968, another firm called Bergslagsoljier got started in Vasteras. Both successful businesses got connected with Preem and in 2006 got merged strongly into NB Oljor AB. Both companies work in tandem from Sala and Vasteras. They are familiar with the ins and outs of the local market and industry. They have a fleet of truck drivers with good local knowledge.

Preem certified reseller

Nboljor sells modern and quality fuels. From Preem Network NB Oils supply diesel, fuel oil, renewable energy, and petrol to customers. Certification offers a guarantee that customers professionally get quality fuel!

Types of products


  • Preem evolution diesel
  • ACP diesel with RME
  • ACP diesel without RME

Preem Evolution Diesel helps to lesson fossil carbon emissions. RME or Rapeseed Metal Ester up to 7% is blended with treated and hydrogenated vegetable oil. This oil can be used in every kind of vehicle because it complies with Swedish and European diesel standards. Preem certified evolution diesel helps to reduce emissions by 85% in comparison to standard fossil diesel.

Active Cleaning Power [ACP] cleans your engine. ACP coating prevents the formation of rust, thus reducing fuel consumption and emission.

ACP without RME or blank-diesel is suitable for long time storage used in marine or as backup power.

Renewable energy

  • HVO 100
  • Biodiesel 100

Hydrated Vegetable Oil [HVO] 100 comprises renewable raw materials including animal fats and vegetable oils. It is chemically the same as regular diesel but still does not suffice diesel standards, so it is recommended to get endorsements from vehicle manufacturers, before use.

Biodiesel 100 comprises of 100% rapeseed methyl ester or RME. Greenhouse effects get reduced by 50% in comparison.

Fuel Oil

  • Heating oil 10
  • Heating oil32
  • Gas oil
  • Heating oil BIO 100

Heating oil 10 is low-sulfur oil designed to use in temperatures that don’t fall below -5°C. It is suitable for indoor. The sulfur percentage is less than 500 ppm, so this fuel oil is exempted from tax.

Heating oil 32 is suitable for outdoor temperature not lower than -22°C.

Gasoil is a motor fuel designed for marine use. You can choose this tax-exempt fuel oil for indoor and outdoor.

Heating oil BIO 100 is a great alternative for non-fossil burners, where the gaskets, hoses, and other components are RME approved.

Contact NB oils at www.nboljor.se


  • Gasoline 95
  • Alkylate

Gasoline 95 comprises of max 5% ethanol, which lessens greenhouse gas emission and the quality offers optimum power to the engine.

Aspen alkylate is a smokeless and odorless form of gasoline. Alkylate is great for engine, environment, and health.


NB oils have LPG in stock suitable for all needs and purposes. They deliver gas bottles within Vasteras and Sala. They have a filling facility, where customers can fill large bulk tanks to small camping bottles.