Are You Looking for Driver License in Australia? A Few Tips

If you are in Australia and want to drive then you need to have proper driver’s license from the Australian administration. Even if you have driver’s license from any other country, yet you need to clear the driving test as prescribed by the Australian authority.

Only exceptions are as follows:

  • If you have driver’s license from New Zealand
  • You previously held Australian driver’s license and holding overseas license
  • You have driver’s license issued by USA, Canada, Japan and most of other European countries.

However, if you are holding driver’s license from any other country then you may be exempted from few restrictions once you clear the driving test.

In Australia, you are not legally allowed to drive any kind of vehicle, unless you have got driving license issued by Australian government after undergoing their prescribed driving tests.

Since in Australia, there is no personal ID system and hence the driving license is considered as your photo identification proof.

If you are new learner of driving your car, then in order to get your driving license, you can take help from Pass First Go, who will provide you necessary training for driving in Australian roads and make you aware about local traffic rules.

Normally driving licences are issued by local licencing authority in Australia, based on which state or territory where the applicant is residing. A driving licence that is issued by any state/territory will be valid all throughout Australia.

While applying for driving license in every state, you need to pass

  • Driving knowledge test
  • Your eyesight tests
  • Practical driving test

Any resident of Australia and also those who intend to be permanent resident must obtain Australian driving licence. Mostly, a new resident needs to exchange their previous licence to get Australian license by 3 months of living in Australia.

All the process involved in getting Australian driver’s licence will be broadly the same in all the states/territories, except there are few important differences. You can know that from the respective state authority.

How to get Australian driver’s licence?

As mentioned before, driver licences in Australia normally are administered by state/territory authority and few regulations vary a little. However, after taking your residence permit in the Australia, within 3 months you must obtain your state licence.

Following are few steps involved to obtain your driving license in NSW:

  1. You have to clear a theory test, which is computer based, that you can take at any of the RTA office where you are living. You may again appear for the test in case you fail to clear the test in your first attempt.
  2. You can do practice for theory test online but if you fail your practical test then you may lose straight way your privileges as visiting driver.
  3. Until you clear your test, you have to obtain NSW learner licence and till then you will remain under the learner restrictions like you cannot drive alone and drive below 80kph speed limit.
  4. Once you pass practical driving test second time, then you are not subject to any probationary restrictions.