What Water Level Is Ideal in A Bong?

Water in a bong allows the user to enjoy filtered and cool hits from the smoke. Bongs are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, if you are unsure about the water level, it can be a huge struggle. Therefore, you must get familiar with the ideal water level to add in your new bong.

Why does water level in a bong matter?

The water level can make or break your smoking experience. Too much water means you work hard to pull smoke. As you have to inhale hard, water can get inside your mouth. Alternatively, insufficient waters mean you don’t cash on the full benefits of percolator and filtration.

What does bong water do?

Water in the bong allows you to get smooth and cool hits. Harmful toxins from the dry herbs get filtered out, which can also irritate your throat. The hot smoke cools down, so the inhalation process is smooth. A few stoners prefer iced water, while several choose warm water.

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How much water to put in a bong?

For straight tube bongs, pour water till it submerges the slits of the downstem. If downstem has no slits, then the downstem bottom has to be ½” submerged inside water. For bongs with perc, add water to immerse all the different perc openings.

How to fill the bong with water?

Filling water wrong way can be messy, so learn how to fill bong the right way.

Filling straight tube bongs or simple beaker

Simple bongs have a downstem, so the water pouring process is straightforward. Pour water via mouthpiece into the bottom of the bong until the downstem gets immersed in the water. You can even slide out the downstem and pour water inside.

Filling perc bong

Bongs with multiple percolators are a little complicated. The concept is to immerse each percolator bottom in water. Pour water from the mouthpiece and it will flow towards the bottom percs. If water does not make down, then blow through to push it to the lower perc or you can tilt the bong on its sideways.

After the water gets settled, check if all the percolators are immersed. You can add extra water from the top in the top percs that seem to have less water level. Of chamber gets overfilled accidentally then tilt the bong. The water will move to the bottom. You can dump it out from there.

Filling a honeycomb bong

The honeycomb disc must be immersed in water. If your Honeycomb bong has three discs then ensure that the first two are totally underwater. Having a little more water is fine because you can dump it out.

What not to fill your bong with?

People fill their bong with beer, soda, vodka, or tea. All these dilute your precious herbs’ effects. Besides, you will have to clean the bong daily as these liquids are prone to make the device moldy and dirty.