All You Need to Know About Safe Driving Course

The safe driving course works best for NSW drivers who want to learn how to become safe drivers. This course helps you to identify any risks on road, anticipate and handle any uncontrolled situations and make best decisions when you are on road.

It is also designed to teach you about gap selection, speed management, safe following distances, hazard awareness and other guidelines, which your supervising drivers might not have covered in professional driving lessons.

Benefit of Taking a Safer Driving Course

It is simple to complete the Safer Drivers Course with the help of a certified instructor. Car coaching sessions and in-class theory sessions provide a safe environment to learn about road safety and driving risks. Every student will participate in both in-class and on-the-road sessions to promote road safety and reduce driving risks.

At Ltrent driving school, students are taught how to drive more safely so that they can be more confident, skilled and equipped to drive on roads. Ltrent is Australia’s leading driving instructor. Ltrent’s specialist trainers are most qualified in industry today.

Other benefits of this course include understanding what it means to be a P-plate driver. The learners will also earn a bonus of 20 hours logbook credit once they complete the course. Recently, the course has been subsidised by transport NSW, which means it costs only $7 per logbook hour. The payment must be in made in full before attending the first module.

Course Details

The total course duration is of five hours. The first three hours take place in Module 1 in which focus is on theory of safe driving. Next two hours take place in Module 2 which focuses on practical driving lessons.

  • Module 1

In first module, students will engage in group discussion with other learner drivers to talk about creating safe driving behaviours, mitigating driving risks, etc. They will take part in different activities throughout the session. The first session focuses on topics like hazard management, internal and external influences, speed management, etc. The course is designed to help create a safe environment for learner drivers to truly educate themselves about road safety.

  • Module 2

In Module 2, a driving instructor gives the student a two-hour long practical car driving lesson. These lessons are designed to reduce the crashes that majorly occur on NSW roads. During this drive, students are taught to recognise and respond to different road hazards, engage in stationary driving and checking one’s personal compass.

This module is designed so that students under the age of 25 are comfortable behind the wheel.

Free Disadvantaged Learner Drivers Course

The disadvantage learner initiative is a program, which helps young learner drivers from aboriginal communities and disadvantaged backgrounds. This initiative helps in providing equal opportunities to people from all backgrounds to learn about road safety and risks. To be eligible for this initiative, you need to have a valid learner license, should be aged less than 25 years, have 50 logbook hours, hold a health care card and be currently Out of Home Care (OOHC).


Safe diving course will definitely help you drive more safely on road.