7 Ways To Find Cheap Car Shipping

Finding the lowest-priced auto transport company is not enough to get cheap car shipping. You get what you pay, just like with everything else in life.

If you need to ship a vehicle across the country, or within a single state, here are 7 tips that will help you choose the most cost-effective way to ship it.

Is it more expensive to drive or ship a vehicle?

Are you willing to allow your new car to go 500+ miles and still be vulnerable to road debris and other hazards? It is an easy decision for most people to hire an auto transport firm once they have traveled more than 500 miles.

After you drive over 500 miles, the math becomes more complex. You have to think about costs like fuel, meals, and lodging.

What is the cheapest way of shipping a car?

Opting for open transport and working with a carrier directly is the best way to ship your car. If you’re looking to find cheap car transport, there are two main options. Either hire a cheap car transport companies or do the job yourself. We have put together 7 tips for finding cheap car shipping. These tips were divided into two categories.

How to find cheap car shipping when hiring an auto transport company

  1. Get Multiple Quotes

Shopping around is key. You should obtain at least 2 quotes from auto transport brokers or carriers to get their rates.

  1. Select an Open Transport Carrier over an Enclosed Carrier

Today, the vast majority of carriers have open trailers. Our trucks all have open trailers. While we don’t have enclosed trailers in our fleet of trucks, we are licensed to be an auto transport broker and can locate one for you if needed.

  1. Flexible Pick-up and Delivery Locations

It will cost more to ship your car if you pick up or deliver the vehicle from remote areas far away from major cities and interstates. In this situation, it is best to be flexible and to allow the driver to pick up the car at a more convenient place.

  1. Find Terminal to Terminal Carriers

Some carriers have terminal yards in the country that allow cars to be shipped to and from. These terminal-to terminal carriers are known as terminal-to. These terminal yards can be found near larger cities or off major interstates. They don’t need to ship the car directly to you, and can simply ship them to their convenient terminal yards. This makes their rates usually lower than Door-to-Door transport.

Tips and Tricks for Cheap Car Transport

  1. DIY Transport

While this is not an option for everyone and won’t always save you money, some people find it to be a great option for car shipping. This will require you to rent a dolly or trailer for your car and a truck that can haul a vehicle, such as a moving truck.

  1. Take control of the car

But if the stars align it can be possible to get a one-way flight to where the vehicle is located and drive the car home. A sweet deal was made on a car in a nearby state.

  1. Allow a friend or family member to drive the car

As with the previous option, you might be able to save money if a trusted friend/family member can drive the vehicle. You will have to pay for the return flight, as well as gas and maintenance costs. However, this could be a cost-effective way to ship a car.

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