What are the main ways through which a user can cheat a drug test?

As we know, going with a drug test is always a tough thing because no one wants to get tests positive. There are many reasons why a user doesn’t want to get a drug test positive. Some offices have restrictions and the fear of job loss and that’s why employees try some different ways to cheat a drug test. We know that it is completely wrong but they have no other option, as Delta 8 products are easily available on Just Delta store. When searching where to buy delta 8 online then Just  Delta store is the best place. So let us know about the ways that a user can do to avoid a positive drug test.


# Dilute Urine Sample

This is the most common way through which a user can cheat a drug test, which is to dilute urine samples. It can be done by drinking a lot of water before testing or mixing water in the urine to disturb the drug level in the sample. If the urine is diluted then it can change the drug levels and there are high chances of getting the results negative. Many labs can judge this dilution and tell the users to go with a re-test so that the actual results can be known.


# Add Chemicals to the urine

Judging water in Urine can be done but if a user has mixed some chemicals in that urine then it will be a very tough task to judge them. Some people add chemicals to remove the presence of drugs in their urine. Some of the popular chemicals are salt, soap, eye drops, and some more. Let me tell you a secret that many labs will be able to judge the specimen but eye drop is a chemical that cannot be detected in the test and will show the result in negatively.


# Delay Drug Test

Many people also try this way to make the results negative. When they will delay the test, there are more chances of getting drugs flushed out through urine and the results will show negative in that condition. It depends on your metabolites, age, weight, and medical history through which we can know how much time the drug will stay in the body. If you will also delay doing a drug test then your report may also have the chance to get negative.


# Getting Urine from Someone

Some people also get urine from someone else to pass the test. As we have seen people are using animal urine so that their report comes negative and there are also urine powder packets available online that can be also used in a sample. It is quite tough to manage the temperature of urine simultaneously, for that, they use some devices that can keep the urine warm and get rid of this test.



So these are the main ways through which a user can cheat a drug test. As it depends on the lab whether they are able to judge the specimen or not. Some things can be judged but some are not like eye drops, which cannot be easily detected in the test.