Tips That Will Ensure Perfectly Cooked Potatoes Every Time

Baked Potatoes are a tasty and classic side dish. They’re easy to prepare. Some baked potatoes are still hard when they come out of the oven, even though you followed the instructions. This is frustrating, particularly when expecting a hot and fluffy baked potato. In this article, you’ll learn why your potatoes may still be hard even though they have been baked and how to cook a baked potato.

Insufficient Cooking Time

Insufficient cooking can be a major cause of a cough potato. The potatoes need to be heated up for a long time before they can cook completely. This is especially the case for larger potatoes. They take longer than smaller potatoes to cook.

Make sure to give potatoes ample time in your oven. Baking your potatoes for 45-60 mins at 400degF is a good rule of thumb. The cooking times may vary depending on your potato’s size and type. To see if the potatoes are cooked, insert the fork into their center. Your potatoes are done if the fork slides in easily, and you can feel it’s soft. If it is still firm after 10-15 minutes, continue to cook.

Oven Temperature

The temperature in your oven may also be why your potato is still hard and undercooked after baking. If the oven temperature is too low, your potatoes will not properly cook, leaving them undercooked and hard. The opposite is true if your oven’s temperature is too high. This will cause the potatoes to cook quickly and the inside to remain uncooked.

For this reason, you should always preheat your oven before baking the potatoes. In most cases, baked potato recipes require a temperature of about 400degF. Double-check the directions for your specific recipe. It would help if you also used an oven thermometer regularly to check the oven’s temperature. If the temperature is incorrect, make adjustments.

Potato Variety

Consider the type of potato. Some potatoes require longer cooking time than others. Russets are the best potato to bake because they retain their shape even after being cooked. Other varieties, like red potatoes, might not bake as well, resulting in an undercooked, hardened potato.

Avoid this issue by sticking to Russets for baking. Adjust the baking time if you need to use a different variety, as they could take longer.

Moisture Content

It is also important to consider the amount of moisture in your potatoes. If your potatoes are too dry, they may not cook well and end up hard and undercooked. This can happen when you store your potato in a too-dry environment.

No Pricking of the Skin

When you bake potatoes, the steam inside the potato is released during the cooking process. If the steam is not released, it may build up and cause the potato to become undercooked and hard. This is why you should prick the surface of the potato before baking. This allows steam from the potato to escape and helps it cook evenly.


The cause of a hard-baked potato is only sometimes obvious. If you follow the tips in this guide, you can prevent this problem. Enjoy perfectly cooked potatoes each time. Give your potatoes the time they need in the oven. Also, remember to prick them and wrap them with aluminum foil or paper. Bake Russets only, and don’t crowd them onto the baking sheet. Enjoy delicious, fluffy baked potato every time with some attention to detail.