Travel and Learn Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai, the art of the eight limbs with making use of kicks, punches, elbow and knee strikes. It is one of the very ancient martial art techniques passing on from heart to heart from centuries in the Thai people. Apart from being one of the most efficient martial art techniques it is beautiful in many other ways due to its strong ethics and traditions. Muay Thai is the name of a new life style changing you into a lion from a mouse by improving your health and giving you a brutal self defense technique.

Muay Thai, MMA & Fitness training Camp Phuket Thailand

Now it would be a question in the minds of many people that why Muay Thai and why to travel to Thailand for learning this art?  One answer to the second question is pretty simple. To learn an art no place is better than its birthplace. You will be having both the quality and quantity of training of Muay Thai is Thailand depending on your desire and current level of training. You can get to the traditional training camps which mostly are in the middle of nowhere or some small camps which are a mid way between the modern and traditional. You can also get into the special foreigner camps where you would not need to learn Thai language to train. Whichever camp you select for yourself would be far better from the one anywhere else with the best trainers who want you to learn. Another thing which comes to play its part, is the environment. You can learn an art well in a place where it was made and then you can implement it anywhere in your own way.

Traveling to Thailand also has perks other than better learning of Muay Thai. You would be meeting a lot of great people. In the words of many travelers, the happiest and coolest persons you will ever see. The delicious and cheap Thai food with the mesmerizing views and sceneries of Thailand. You would be taking a lot more than Muay Thai with you on the way back home.

Some people would say that they would travel to Thailand, enjoy the food and views, have a good vacation and come back without having a touch of Muay Thai. I would say that they are leaving the gold behind. Muay Thai is an art to make you stronger and confident. High amount of cardiovascular and body weight exercises combined with the fast movements will develop a strong, athletic body for you are improving your health. With the training style of Muay Thai you will be having high metabolic rates, burning up to 800kcals in just two-hour training. You can try at  . You will be losing the excess weight and making the use of it to build your muscles. Striving to achieve goals during these exercises and knowing that you can achieve them will eradicate the fear of failure from your mind, making you a whole new person.

Muay Thai is not just another martial art type taught at every corner of the block, it’s a life style having so much to give to the ones who adopt it. It would make you a new person, who is healthier, stronger and more confident. Traveling to Thailand for this holiday and learning this art will be a life time experience which would be benefiting you the whole life.